So I've been on subs for about a year, started on 8mg under the tongue and immediately started cutting them in half and trying to ween myself off. About 5 months ago I reduced to 2 mg and again started cutting them last 2 weeks I've taken a quarter strip a day and I have 1 strip left and no insurance anymore so I came here to see what I was in for with w/d's and now I'm scared to death lol. Hearing people are going weeks, months and still having w/d symptoms. So after doing more research I came across ibogaine and everything I saw says its a wonder drug so today I called 3 people involved and got more freaked out, and finally to my question. All 3 said their treatment would work on opiates but I would have to swich off suboxone and on to preferably oxycoton or oxicodone "because tabs, vicodin, etc... Is tougher on your liver." because suboxone has a really long half life it sticks around longer in the system also that the film that goes under the tongue is the worst way to take it so the w/d's keep coming. So yea they might be less painfully they last longer and are much worse. I was sceptical when the first guy told me but when the third place said they won't treat me until I'm off suboxone that's when I believed. So do I stop suboxone and try to get oxi, roxi, or whatever else for the next 2 months save up 3 to 4 grand go to Mexico or guadamala for treatment or cut up this last sub into 6 to 8 pieces tough it out and possibily go through months to a year of w/d's? The whole reason I went to suboxone was cause I was trying to do it the right way. Now I feel like the whole last year I could be getting hooked on something that's has longer w/d's and is pretty much worse that what got me there. Sorry this is so long Im just confused and a little angry.