I like the way the Opana has worked and have not had to increase for over two years. Due to insurance reasons I will have to discontinue the Opana. I would like to know what others have found faced with this problem. BTW my doc just made (today) a mistake and wrote OXY40mg ER tabs and I had to have it filled as I was out and due to logistcal reasons wont be able to reach him until Monday (3 days). So far I am less than impressed taking pill for pill. Should I increase the dosage as I have briefly read that OXY is 1/2 the strength as the Opana. I am very opiod tolarent so I am not worried about OD'ing but I like to keep as close to schedule as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I just found this spot and plan tojoin it today so I hope to be a contributing member from now on.