I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2008 at age 19..yeah bummer so after months and months of trying this med, and trying that med i gave up and dealt with my pain. So Now im 21 and my occasional flare up was just when i got stressed. I began having major anxiety attacks recently, and became depressed due to why i was having the anxiety, and stressed started my everyday 'flare up' with fibro again. So doc put me on Cymbalta 30 mg tab for a three week trial. At first it was ok, then i started having bad headaches, my anxiety attacks got more frequent and much worse, stomach pain, and then last night my mother had to call an ambulance to take me to the E.R b.c my hands,feet, face, eyes, tongue, ears went numb and swelled, I had hives all over, couldnt breath well and so now im on methylpreslidone to calm that down, otc benadryl and pepside. I did not take the cymbalta this morning b.c i am scared that my allergic reaction was b.c of that. I already had an appointment on friday to see my doc. and I was gonna get off of cymbalta-- I want to know what other medication helps with fibro, depression and anxiety or was cymbalta the only one? Being young, I dont want to take a lot of medications, I tried that and I couldnt do it. I am willing to take at least two meds or something but i dont want to be on a mess of them. Thanks to my fibro and anxiety im so behind in college already and it stresses me out which in turn just makes everything worse, I feel so helpless... Any opinion or answer will be highly appreciated!!! I just dont know what to do anymore??? I have also noticed my fibro has gotten worse and im not sure if this is because of how stressed i am or if its just gotten worse? Its very painful and I have a straining job working 3rd shift at UPS I cant afford to lose my job, they pay for my school and insurance, I just am so scared im going to be back on disability again stuck in my bed for 6 months... that thought makes me want to cry for days... :(