I went out on Saturday. I was pretty drunk before we left for town, the first part of the night is pretty blurry as i have experienced before when i have had too much to drink and in the morning thinking like 'did that really happen?' and remembering things with the typical regrets and memories of a big night out. In the past when i have been drunk I kind of switch off and my senses slow right down, typical effects of alcohol as a depressant, like I'm kind of on auto-drive and maybe do stupid things as I'm not thinking straight, however this was different. Later in the night I suddenly got the reverse effects, I never experienced it before. I was suddenly outside in the street, very alert and awake, my brain working over time with adrenaline and i was convinced i was being chased by people who wanted to kill me, which I've read can be the effects of stimulant drugs. I never experienced anything like it, i was rushing with adrenaline sprinting around totally paranoid, i ran to a strangers house banging on the door begging him to let me in as the German government where trying to kill me as I knew too much, too much what i don't know? crazy i know, but i was totally freaking out. The next morning my heart was still racing fast and i was shaking, It's so scary how everything seemed so real and how in my mind i was totally convinced i was being chased.Obviously it was complete crazy shit but at the time it was so really to me. I think someone must have put something in my drink, as I have been very drunk in the passed but if anything my senses have dulled further in the night not suddenly intensified, i was totally paranoid. When I got back my friend was talking to me, she said i wasn't talking like i was drunk slurring or anything, a first she thought i was just joking around but then she could see that i was totally freaked out that the people outside where after me, she said she thought I'd taken something. Does anyone have any idea what I may have taken? It was truly a terrifying experience.