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I take warfarin for a blood clot disorder. I take 12.5mg daily.Is this an unusually high dosage? ?

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Marvell 15 Sep 2013

The dose of warfarin varies from person to person ... depending on the INR the doctor wants the person to have. So if your doctor has prescribed 12.5mg after taking your INR into consideration, then that is the dose you have to take.

Jan5 15 Sep 2013

This amount of warfarin was given to you by your Doctor for a reason. If you feel it is a high dosage - call & talk to your Doctor. Take it just as directed. Also we can talk to our pharmacist. But don't change anything unless your Dr tells you to. Warfarin is a serious drug.

kaismama 15 Sep 2013

Your dr gave you that dose to maintain your INR in a therapeutic range. If it was too high a dose your INR would be too, In that case he'd have to reduce, but you need that dose. Do you eat a large amount of foods with vitamin k in them?

butterflylynn 15 Sep 2013

I take 12.5 mg a day also & have actually gone up higher. When did you have your DVT & did the dr. say you would have to stay on the Coumadin for life?
Also did your dr. tell you that you have a blood disorder that might have caused the DVT ?
I found out after my DVT they ran some additional blood work & found out I have Factor IV Lieden so I will be on this for the rest if my life.

But with Coumadin/ Warafrin you will find you will have routine INR. And based on your INR they will adjust the dosage amount quite frequently until they get it regulated.
I suggest you speak to your Dr. if you are concerned but 12.5 mg is not extreme. I also suggest you do some research on this drug as there are certain restrictions of food that effect your INR.
Best of luck. Kathy

RussB 15 Sep 2013

Thank you Kathy. I had this problem for 5 years. I have been as high as 17mg but have talked to other family members who also take warfarin and they are at 2 to 5mg. So I was concerned that it may not be good for me to take that much "Rat Poison". Thank you for your imput. Its good to know I'm not the only one on such a high dose. I've had 3 DVTs 2 within 6 months. I currently have one that reaches from my groin to my knee in my right leg. They have tested me for factor IV and V. One Dr. says I do have factor IV and another says I don't. I sometimes wonder who is correct. Regardless I will have to take it for the rest of my life also. Thanks again Kathy. You have been very helpful. Oh and you might want to look into a home PT/INR tester. I got mine through Phillips Home Health care. No more blood draws just a prick of the finger similar to a diabetic blood test. Thanks again, Russ.

kaismama 16 Sep 2013

It is used as rat poison because it makes them hemorrhage. You can do something long before you get to hemorrhage.

MiMi585 16 Sep 2013

Hi Russ. The other comments are all vey good.

I am a lifer since 2008. My dosage has continuously increased. I'm now on 12.5 to 15 mg. I have protein S deficiency. I'm also concerned that it's high compared to what other people take but if it's what my body needs, so be it. I just look at is as "this is what I need to live".

I am going to check into home testing as you suggested to Kathy.

Best of luck to you!

RussB 16 Sep 2013

Thank you I appreciate your imput. The web address for the company is They will send everything to your Dr. for you and even come to your home to train you on use of the meter. Hope the program helps you out. Thanks again Russ.

butterflylynn 17 Sep 2013

Thank you for the meter info & I will check into it.
The problem is I have no insurance & no income.
I am in the middle of pending approval from Medivaid & my SS Disibelity approval.

What was your INR running at & do they seem to keep your INR at a therapeutic level?
After my DVT I was taking 20 mg a day. Definetely listen to your Drs. Take care, Kathy

nkelto 17 Sep 2013

I take 11-12mg warfarin a day for a mechanical heart valve. free discount card

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