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I wanted to know what a slang term called a "Molly" on the street is.?

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DzooBaby 23 Oct 2012

According to Urban dictionary this is the purest form of MDMA that you can get. MDMA is otherwise known as Ecstasy.

kaismama 23 Oct 2012

You are just full of wisdom, lol... I didn't know there was an urban dictionary.

angel1662 24 Oct 2012

Hi DzooBaby,
Have to agree with kaismama, u are one smart cookie... lol Very knowledgeable it's a pleasure having someone with your knowledge on this site...

DzooBaby 25 Oct 2012

Thanks you guys! Kaismama-urban dictionary is QUITE informative and sometimes pretty funny!

gigilove 18 Jun 2014

Yes it is true "Molly" used to mean the.pure mdma but I have been trying to let as many people know as possible that it is just the new way dealers r marketing "bath salts" other stuff is added to it but it is mainly methadrone or the main chemical in "bath salts"

Abart98 24 Jul 2014

Molly has absolutely nothing to do with bath salts. It does not contain anything other than extacy. Molly is 100% pure extacy. It is also known as sassafras. It's a good thing you're not a drug dealer. You'd be selling people bath salts calling it Molly. When they're completely different. free discount card

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