I wanted to wish all of my friends here at dc a merry xmas and a bigger and brighter new year... Thank you for being here for me... If I didn't find this site when I did, I don't think I would be here to say this... Each and everyone of you have been so warm and caring and made me feel like a family member, and for that I thank you..You guys r my family and lift me up each and every day... You are all the greatest in each of your own unique way... God bless..And enjoy the holidays... I no a lot of us r hurting from lost one's etc... But just keep in mind they r with us in spirit they r our guardian angel now... Don't ever thing that they r not here with us watching each and everything you think n do for they r... Okay, love you all... Merry xmas and happy new year... Love your friend/family member... Angel1662