I inject 4 times daily since last August! I had a bulging disc in my back and the only thing they could do was give me a steroid injection which they did a year ago this Thursday! I was on 500mg of metformin, glyberide 5mg 3x's aday, and januvia 100mg. But with the steroid injection, my numbers skyrocketed in a month! On august 5th when I went for a 2nd injection my bloodsugar was almost 600mg! Well, I started insulin which is 36u of lantus in the morning along with 8u of humalog. I also take 8u at lunch and 8u at dinner. Along with exercise 6 or 7 days a week my numbers are good!
I am usually 80-low 100's in the morning, at lunch 70-90's, and at dinner 70-90's and 2 hrs after dinner i am usually 80's to low 100's, sometimes lower!
I am wondering if anyone has gone from pills to injections, back to pills? With my lifestyle it would be easier! Thanks