reading a lot about suboxone and feel that i should try and taper myself off of oxycodone as the withdraw will be shorter. i dont have real pain no more and started from a car accident then went higher and higher as tollerance quickly built and now have w/d if i dont get my usual dose. currently i am in w/d and taking hydro's to ease comfort as it will be a few days till i get my script. now this time i really want to stop this cycle and clean myself off this addiction. anyone did their own wean off of oxy use at my usage and had success? i know the prob of having all the pills on hand and having a strong mind set! i have it as i recently quit smoking and that was a breeze but have ran out of oxy's in the past and its MISSERABLE! cant sleep, running nose, shirts, cant eat, creepers in my back! HELP!