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When walking my knees start to hurt?

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KrystaLovinLife 19 Jan 2018

While walking is considered to be a low impact activity, there is still that impact that your knees absorb. Under the knee cap (Patella), there is a bunch of cartilage and tendons, and tendons also run alongside the knees, too. You might have some inflammation going on in your knees from normal wear and tear. Before you start walking, be sure to do some stretching. You should have a warm up period by starting out slow, and then increasing speed as tolerated. Ten minutes before you end your walk, cool down by slowly decreasing your speed until you stop. Do some light stretching after so your knee won't get stiff. For the pain, you can take an over the counter anti inflammatory med like Aleve or ibuprofen. You should also ice them while you have the pain to decrease inflammation and swelling. Gel ice packs are the best to use because you can form them to the shape of the joint. Be sure to wrap the ice pack in a towel before applying it to your skin so you don't get frostbite! Ice them for 20 minutes every hour while pain is present while elevating them to reduce pressure. If there's swelling and severe pain present, it would be good for you to see an orthopedic specialist. They can do imaging tests to determine the cause of pain and come up with a treatment plan. You may need to see a physical therapist to restore range of motion and muscle strength, and to reduce pain. It's best to do it now so you don't end up injuring them like I did to my left knee. I tore what's called the chondral flap, a flap of cartilage the sits under the knee cap. It glides along the tendon underneath the knee, reducing friction. I'm looking at possible surgery so my doc can clean up the flap and remove the debris. They gave me a cortisone injection yesterday in the hope that it'll reduce the inflammation and all the swelling so I won't need the surgery. Currently my knee makes snapping, crunching and popping sounds when walking without my brace on, and it catches a lot so I can't straighten it fully. I wish I had followed my own advice to prevent this. I injured it while running up stairs and pivoting incorrectly, ripping the cartilage inside. Bleh, I've got a long road of recovery ahead of me because I have a feeling I'll need the surgery. I hope my advice helps you and that you'll start feeling better and stronger soon!! Gentle hugs, love and light being sent your way!! free discount card

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