Just wondering what the hell is going on at my local (still a chain) pharmacy. I have a broken neck, c4,5,6,7. lucky to be able to walk. Back in the day (2004) doc put me on oxycontin, made it up to 3-40's a day and 3-10s for break through pain. I have come to realize doc didnt know best, after turning into what most would consider dependant upon them, and i home detoxed for 3 months. THAT WAS FUN! I waited 6 months to see what my body felt like without meds. As I figured I was functioning past my true capabilities and possible hurting myself more. I did realize I did need something, but never ever will I detox from ocycodone again, so I got vicoden(hydro). doc is happy and fine with it. actually proud of me. In past I got C2 scripts filled no problem, even if last script written from doc was a week early. Now C3 I somehow got "flagged", which i dont even know what the heck that means. My doc is in another state,because he is my bwc doc( Left the state after a tramatic assult), so when I saw him he gave me script, i took it in and filled at walgreens, now that a refill is due, i had it transfered to my new state yesterday. I call to see if all went well & when to pick up, and pharmacist sternly told me it could not be picked up until the morning i was out. What? Honestly, before I got off oxy, maybe things did get a little screwy, but not like that! Filling early from doc office, because script was due every month,but nothin big.(I think) What has walgreens now told my home pharmacy? does it stay forever? and really now? after i took myself off oxycontin ? what may it trigger? past dependent behavior comes in now? doesnt pharmacist see the script went down? Isnt that what all want? and wake up in morning after im out to get script? but I really dont want to rattle the trees of the gods, who the hell knows what they may unleash on me. one more piece of info, oxy doc was ortho, hydro doc is pcp. pcp had no dealing with my years of oxy. what to do? what to say? leave it be? just seems odd to get out of bed early in am, drive 45 mins, to get am meds. day due seems like a bit of a power trip on pharmacist part. is walgreens allowed to bad mouth me to everyone they come in contact with?