We had sex on 15th october early morning during with condom slipped and so to be safe my lady she took planB emergency pill (levonorgestrel 1.5 mg) within 12 hours. Even sex was like during first 2-5 days of her period, which is considered safe. Also I think condom slipped only while i was pulling out and was stuck close to her knees, was dark in room so to be safe, she on my request took the pill. Then within a week on 21st August , she started having period like bleeding (withdrawal bleeding) which was good amount of bleeding, not as heavy as periods but still a lot and not light either, it went on for 3-5 days. Today is 21st of September and she still haven't had any period. She also doesn't want to get pregnant, but she thinks she doesn't have anything in her. My only question is , can anyone with experience tell me the estimated time to wait for second period ?