... pharmacy. I paid cash for the 6 tablets I needed (on 3 separate occasions) to get me through the next 5 days while I waited for the approval to go trough. It was finally approved and I paid my co-pay of 40$ for the remaining 24 pills. Can I be reimbursed for the pills I paid for initially? I would imagine since I paid my co-pay anything above that could be reimbursed. The pharmacy told me no... Initially I though they were going to give me a full refund but instead they handed me 14 cents. They backdated the 1st transaction and ran the 6 pills as 3 separate transactions and the remaining 22 pills as the 4th transaction. I paid the 40$ co-pay when I picked up the 22 pils. The 14 cents was the difference between what I paid and the insurance company covered (for the 6 pills). I told them to void the "refund" transaction, since it wasn't much of a refund and I would try to see if my insurance company would reimburse me. I'm just irritated that I paid the 48$ initially out of pocket (for the 6 pills/3 transactions prior) and then my 40$ co-pay on top of that. So really I paid 84$ for 30 pills. Seems like they could have ran it through my insurance as 1 transaction and just charged me the 40$ co-pay. Will my insurance reimburse me for the 48$? Does it all depend on the prior authorization approval date/or the number of transactions?