First off, please be nice when responding to this, I feel terrible. I got the depo shot on October 1st. October 1 & 2 I wasn't taking my bc pill because I had just gotten the shot. On the fourth I had plans with my bf and wanted to be protected so I took the pill again on the 3rd and 4th. We had unprotected sex that weekend. My period was due to start on the 5th of October but it has yet to come. (Oct. 26 I think) I had read online that if you were going to start your period with in seven days of receiving the shot you were protected, but seeing as that didn't happen, I'm kind of freaking out. My questions are 1. Since I had only gone a couple days without the pill,was it still effective when I took it those two days? 2. Could the temporarily doubled hormones/skipping the pill for two days cause my period to not come? 3. I'm having some spotting and other pregnancy symptoms, but I'm also super paranoid and have an anxiety disorder. Could I be pregnant and what are the chances?

Other factors to consider are I just recently started working out and eating healthier, I have been super stressed (mostly about this), I've been drinking more in the past months, and that weekend I was taking high doses of ibuprofen for pain in my leg.