Hello doctor,

I am suffering from very heavy periods from last August, in the beginning when it starts its is very mild and after a week it gets heavier and doesn't stop at all for upto 4 weeks. For the first time it happened in Aug and Nov last year, the doctor prescribed me with hormone tablets and that stopped it, but when it happened in Feb, I didn't take any hormone tablets as I wanted it to stop naturally. It carried on until 4 weeks and then stopped only for 1 week and started again on 11th March and I am still bleeding. For last 2 weeks its been really heavy and there is no signs of slowing down! I had a scan done in India which said I have PCO disease. My thyroid level is ok. The Scan done in Uk said my endometrium is thickened with cystic images (I was bleeding at the time of scan).My other blood test in UK suggested that I have hormonal imbalance and I didn't ovulated in the cycle blood test was done. I am married for 5 years and also planning to have family now. But I would like to get my period pattern settled as well. Can you please suggest what can be done in this situation, should i take hormones to make the bleeding stop. Will that worsen my chances of conceiving? Also with PCO periods are light and infrequent but in my case its other way round! So what can be the possible caused of my complications? Your suggestion will be much appreciated