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Vyvanse - can this cause you to hear voices?

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DzooBaby 13 Nov 2013

Yes, it is possible and this is a bad side effect. You need to tell your Dr about it right away.

Loworbitsats 29 Jul 2016

Yes, there is a science behind this phenomenon that proves one is not "crazy" if they hear voices while taking this medication. Read up on the drug's method of action and then read issue 57 regarding the article on photon interruptions to medium earth orbits satellites. In summary, Vyvanse does open a channel so to speak, which our naturally and unnaturally occurring hormones (bad estrogen) found in leaked bpa's carry signals which if one physically moves fast, or in such a way which may interfere with cell, wifi, and the other various communication signals bombarding us (including transmitted thoughts or even sounds heard temporally by people which are on the same medication, that cannot control it through a mental blocking of sorts) then yes, your child, especially given their age and lack of full skull adhesion, would become very suceptable to these "auditory hallucinations". Make sure they eat well and often, stay hydrated and keep their distance from radiation of these sorts. Hope this helps. free discount card

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