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Vyvanse - Is Vyvance ok to take if I take Colonipan too?

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Factfinder411 29 Aug 2013

You mean klonopin? It's normal to take both but sometimes doctors will give you trouble with taking an upper and a downer.

Factfinder411 8 Sep 2013

It's very common for people with ADHD. My pcp thought it was kind of weird because ones a stimulate and the other a benzo. My therapist explained to him that most people who have ADHD also have an anxiety disorder. I take Xanax 1mg 3x a day along with adderall 20mg 3-2 times a day. The XR version releases bursts of the drug between 8 and 12 hours. The IR version begins to take effect within 45 mins. It really depends on your metabolism.

Factfinder411 8 Sep 2013

Vyvanse is suppose to last 24 hours that's why they gave you klonopin also.

DianaMaria 8 Sep 2013

Unfortunately, my insurance does not cover Vyvanse and its $202 a script... So he prescribed Adderall... Any comments on the combination??

Factfinder411 8 Sep 2013

I took both it worked well, but my anxiety is more situational so they switch me to xanax. If you google it thats the combo they put many patients on with ADHD since we usually are more nervous ppl.

ifuseekAndrea 8 Sep 2013

Hello, I assure you that taking Vyvanse, along with Klonopin/Clonazepam is safe, as long as both are being prescribed to you by the same doctor, or if you told you PCP that u are on each med. I too take both of these meds, for chronic anxiety and adult ADHD. I try to take my V early in the day before my work day, to stay focused alert & awake!!! Then I take my klonopin before bed, and when needed... If I'm very anxious or stressed. My doctor was voted physician of the year, so I'm sure he's a very respected and knowledgable man. I even think he was assigned to care for me because I'm a complex case. I've had dysthymia and chronic anxiety since I was 18, and always had ADHD, but didn't start using meds until I needed it when I decided to go back to college at age 29. It works great, and is the only ADHD med that doesn't make me anxious!!! I recommend it to those with depression and find it hard to get out of bed from constant fatigue ... It's like coffee for those that can't have coffee, since caffeine is proven to cause excessive drowsiness in ADHD patients. ( same goes for sugar, complex carbs, and fruit juice... these all add to being tired during daytime and it's not just because of the crash people get a few hours after consuming them. It's because the chemicals in our brains produce very rapidly, and when over stimulated with OTC stimulants like coffee, it slows down our bodies quickly, and we go from tired to extreme fatigue, rather than a typical persons "crash"... They can recover, while we need real rest, such as a nap. Overall, it's typical to have both disorders, as most people w/ ADHD have two or more mental illnesses occurring at once. It's said to relate to being introverted, or low self esteem. Google: " ADHD and anxiety" and u will find many articles !!! free discount card

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