My son 8, has been on Vyvanse since May 2010, it seems to help him with school, but we also needed to add Zoloft. He has lost 5 lbs, and has no desire to eat a full meal, so he gets basically anything he wants to eat. He hasnt lost anymore in the past 2 months. I can deal with all that, but more recently he has developed a problem with picking his lips, fingers and toes till they bleed. I have not had to cut his nails in months, and he bites off his cuticles. He has picked off 2 of his toe nails. I now make him wear socks or footie pajamas at all times. There isnt much I can do for his hands or lips, especially when he is in school. Doc says vyvanse can cause he wants to switch him to Focalin..I'm hesitant with any drugs... has anyone who takes this had any problems with the picking and biting like he does with vyvanse? Or any other input that can help my decision? Thank you all