At near 60 years old, I have always dodged the thought of seeing a shrink for lack of focus and... zoning out. I finally talked to my GP and confessed that I had focus and concentration issues. After my 30 plus career ended unexpectedly, I now needed to look for work to get me to retirement. Found a job that had a good training program that required lot's of reading on my own to learn the business. After 6 month's of struggling with the material, and honestly retaining little and fear that my learning was futile, I asked my GP for help. He prescribed me Adderall 10mg 2 x's a day, but advised to see a Physc since he could not refill the med. The Adderall seemed to be working wonders, then eventually seemed less effective, so I sought a "Psych" for the first time in my life. He prescribed Vyvanse and Trazadone to help sleep. Excited to get these filled and see how my day would now be, I took as prescribed and woke up the next morn to go to work and seemed to be completely zonked. Apparently the combo was too much for my system. I had a terrible headache all day and seemed to stumble around as I seemed to have been drinking, which I wasn't. Needed to say I didn't take it the next day, or several more to get this out of my system. I tried the Adderall again, but had little effect now. After a week I tried the Vyvanse alone, and still had similar effects. Headache and stumbling, I am on 50 mg 1 x a day. I rescheduled an appt with the psych to see if he could either up the Adderall to 20mg 2 x's day, or recommend something between Adderall and Vyvanse. I am hopeful that something will change this week on my Dr visit. Any similar experiences?