It does seem to help my consentration, I use to go to the gym every day and I still work out everyday but at home on treadmill and weights. My problem is at nights I seem to change, when maybe less focused. I feel unloved, like my husband does not care, I do have problems sleeping, and I sometimes get very aggitated at my hubby, we both agree I can't be this way we can't take it, does anyone have any suggestions to how I can have better nights? Because my days are great, I am on task, I can do my work, (We own a company and I hade to let someone go) that is when I found out I could not concentrate to do the job, I had always had someone else do it for me. I just need help, or hope that I can deal with the nights or even evenings, my husband has always been attentive and caring, but now I see him opposite. I know it has to be the med due to he tells me all the time, it is not the way I see it... I do think the med is good, It definetly slows me down to do the job, but I don't want to loose a 34 yr marriage over it... Thanks for any input PLEASE!!!