... sociable, more productive, but mess up your grammar? I noticed I seem to have problems writing,like a complete thought, spelling or saying a word twice like like, (example) or repeat mysef a lot. but everything else is fine. I do get tired now in the afternoon for about 3 hours, and 70 mg made me really tired, 60mg seems to be perfect but not long enough. I also noticed my blood pressure seems to raise the lower the dose, but the higher the dose, I feel more relax but tired and not productive. Does that make sense? I do need a stiulant because I would sleep all day if I didn't have one. Is this medictaion right for me? its been 3 months and I feel great, but it seems, my energy is going down and my grammar and repeating things is getting worst.i never actually had this porblem at all, so its like I gained eye contact, confidence and sociabity, but gained a repeating pattern of talking and bad grammar like a incomplete thought or repeat of words like i mentioned. I see my doctor next week, so I will tell her this, but I wanted to see if anybody else had these problems. Oh and I do sleep better now, I use to be a night owl or wake up all the time, I now go to bed by 11and sometimes i wake up at 4, sometimes at 10 am, it seems I've been getting tired lately and its harder to wake up.