I am taking necon (birth control, continuous for my endometriosis), neurontin (300mg 3x a day), OxyContin (20mg every 12hrs) and propranolol (3x a day, but I just take it when I exonerated aware I need it). I have been diagnosed with POTS and dysautonomia. I haven't had issues with ADD since I was in high school, but I am slowly becoming aware it's a real issue for me ( I'm losing things, having trouble remembering things and conversations... it's embarressing and becoming a big problem) I was on the adderall salts in high school but they were way to powerful an short acting, made me feel pretty bad. My sister is normal (no dysautonomia) and has had success with vyvanse. My question is, has anyone had a combo of these meds with vyvanse before? I'm wondering if these meds interact or not... I'm finding conflicting reports. I would like to know before I ask about it.