My doctor has put me on 30mg Vyvanse about 2 months ago and here lately school has been really stressful so when I have taken it I have been concentrating really hard for long periods of time. Well, I guess while I do school for 10-12 hours at a time I grind my teeth together the whole time (I have always grinded my teeth together at night but I never cared) but now that I grind my teeth together during the day as well, it is making my whole mouth hurt really bad. My jaw pops a lot more than it used too as well. Everytime I eat my jaw pops and the grinding is causing sores in my mouth and I can barely open my mouth anymore and it hurts my teeth to chew. I promise I am not just a hypochondriac or dramatic this really is causing a lot of pain for me. I just didn't know if there is anything I could do about this at home instead of seeing a doctor?

Also, my jaw has popped for years now but the grinding has made the popping happen a lot more. I pop my jaw just as much as I pop my fingers now--both bad habits, I know. Also, for the past couple of days (It has hurt much more severely in the past couple of days) I have been trying really hard to not let myself grind my teeth together, so i always have my teeth slightly parted and now it is really hard to shut my mouth completely. And I don't feel like the bottom half of my jaw is in the right place. It feels like it is shifted to the left. Could this be from grinding my teeth as well? Sorry for all the questions I just have a lot of issues right now and hate going to the doctor, plus I rarely have time.