so I am taking Vyvanse and I like it, I am getting things done, I'm not sleeping as much but, I have noticed it's starting to make me talk a lot and I am becoming way to confident. I was at work today and I was telling them my whole life, Got out of the military , bought a house etc failing school. (thats why I decided to get check for ADHD because I always had a problem with reading looking people in the eyes. Dr says alcoho was self medciating me. it's like this drug is combing who I was when I use to drink with out the aggressiveness with the years I have missed being in a fog. I just hope people don't get annoyed or scared of me.Ive been working there for 6 months kept to myself now all of the sudden I just start talking to people. They know I was prior military so they probably think I have ptsd or soemthing.
I do like this medication though, it seems to be working more and more now that I have been on it for a month. 50mg. has anybody had this problem or heard of this symptom? Basically was to confident and talk to much, if people didnt walk away I would still talk for hours. I use to be quiet for th epast few years since I quite drinking, now I'm like a whole new person