so I am happy with this drug, I was on here the other day talkign about it. Today I noticed I am being to blunt, I told my mom something because I was tired of always helping her out financialy when she goes out and buys a new dog $1000, clothes or things for the house and not paying me for the car she drives, car insurance, cell phone and mortgage.
so i said you ned to start helping me or I will leave and you can do it all on your own. I am 33 year sold nto having a social life to get financial set and a career goign and all Im doign is helping you and your not helping yourself.
also at work I was bragging baout how much I am earning after 2 years of hard work and I was like give me a vaction becaus eyou guys pay me the least amount and I have no career here workign 4-5 hours a night, I wan tmore.

so I feel bad in telling people all this and bragging, I just feel like I want more in life and wasited a lof of my life drinking and sleeping, so am I wrong or is it the medication that is giving me all these moodiness and cockyness? I am at 50mg and been on it for amonth, people do talk to me now so I know it's making me social and I went to sleep last night at 11pm instead of 7 am, got up early, been listening to music all day but been thinking baout how to fix my life.

I need your guys opions and support. i dont want to ruin somebody day if it's the medication or just things that have been bothering me and are coming out since i hated confronting issues and now I dont mind it, I dont mind looking people in the eyes. it's like I am a new person but I dont want to end up like how I was when I drank. I was cocky and violent. now I just feel cocky and I can do all this stuff and that attitude like ya you helped by giving me thi spart time job , but I want more, I aint getting anywhere working 4-5 hours a night. thats how I am acting at work.