As I'm reading on this vyvanse is not overall helping anyone mentally you're just feeding your body with it and it kind of helps control your mind. My doctor just prescribed me Vyvanse and I picked it up today. Very nervous to take it I'm reading a lot of reviews on it and a lot about the drug. Threes and I was prescribed it is because I have a hard time focusing in school kind of feeling like I zone out sometimes and I also have binge eating disorder and OCD that I struggled with for three years. There was a point in time where I felt a little depressed two years ago and here it again I still get it. If anything I would never want to get back to that state of mind. Reading the reviews it seems like some people get very anxious and depressed feeling like there's two of them. This makes me very nervous to start taking the medicine and it says do not drive or operate any machinery until you know how The medication works for you I'm always on the go either at work or school or doing massages I have a little girl so I'm always idriving back-and-forth to pick her up. Very nervous about when is a good time Try the medicine or if I even want to take it. I'm 20 years old i've been going to counseling for three years and been struggling with the same issues. Any feedback?