Hi, I'm 23 and recently started testing out different ADHA medications. I started off on concerta (18mg), I found it calmed me down a lot and took away my jitters but it calmed me down to the point where I felt awkward around people..when people would talk to me I would listen, but I was to mellowed out to even care to respond. I could focus but I didn't have motivation to get up and do anything. Next I went to adderall (15mg) which was so nice because it gave me a mass amount of energy. I felt like I could get things done a lot faster and I had the motivation to do it, but I felt spaced out the entire time. It was like my body was ready to go and ready to get everything done but my mind wasn't there. Both side effects were basically insomnia (which I already had caused by ADHD) suppressed appetite, and a little bit of anxiety. Now my doctor has me testing out Vyvanse.. I'm on week number two now. I found the first three days I was really calm, but extremely emotional and anxious, I honestly cried the entire second day. The third day I was calm and felt like I could talk to people normally again without wanting to burst out in tears, just a little angry. The fourth day I finally felt normal but I found they wore off after 7 hours, so the fifth day I upped my dose from 30 mg to 40mg.. I felt more awake and more attentive with only a little bit of anxiety, but they still wore off after 7 hours.. I'm wondering if other people may have the same issue of it wearing off this fast. I've noticed my attention span is really good on Vyvanse but my motivation isn't there. Its like I have the attention span to get stuff done but not the motivation to do it..Maybe it means I should up the dose? I can't seem to find one that gives me both motivation and focus at the same time. Just looking for opinions, possibly other medications that have worked for people facing the same issues !? Any advice would be great!