I posted a questions similar to this but got no response besides I'm glad your doing doing better. I have a question about Vyvnase or anybody who was on a low dose and maybe thi sis why I feel this way. My body and my focus works great when I am doing physical things like working, walking etc but when it comes to academics such as reading.I seem to los epatience after a few minutes, but I cna write and talk for hours. someitmes I htink its good but then sometime si feel I tell people to much info about myself. My doctor said it might be the dose becuase I am not on the adult dose yet, I am 60 mg and thats why my the dose works for a few weeks then I start to lose the affect. I also told her my self estem comes and goes. when I feel very energetic thats when I feel the confidence and I can think well and be able to figure out things quick, but when I don't feel that way, I start thinking people are looking at me or judging me and that might be becuase before I use to not talk and be awkard around people so it might be past emotions coming into play as well. I wonder if this 10 mg will make a difference in academics? so far my sleeping is great, 6-8 hours instead of 14 hours or naps , I'm social again and confidence and drive to do things. Now I just hope i can read and listen to lectures better so I can start leanring and changing my life since I want to focu on a career. I ws just wondering if anybdy felt this way or experienced this on a medication and I'm wondering if its becuase I havent got to the right dose in which the next dose next week will be the maximum I can go to.