... years. He feels it greatly helps him focus and I agree. The past few months he takes 3 pills a day instead of the prescribed 2 and runs out at the end of the month. Those last 5-6 days he is useless and lays around all day. Several months ago after he got his refill, he said someone ram-sacked his house and broke all kinds of his precious things and hid things like his phone and wallet. Since he has few friends and is home most of the time, it was hard to believe that someone would do this. He cleaned it up and then has happened 2 more times right after he gets his Vyvance. My husband, a few friends we confide in and myself believe he may be unknowingly doing this himself. He does drink a beer or two almost every day and wonder if this combination is altering his behavior or the on and off Vyvance is interfering. I have asked him if he may be blacking out and doing this. He vigorously says NO. It is also hard to believe he would break his precious items and his usual personality is very gentle and caring. We are perplexed. He will not allow us to communicate with his psychiatrist and if we leave messages, we feel they don't seem to understand by their actions. During the 2-3 weeks in the middle of the month, he is ok so we don't feel he should totally discontinue Vyvance. We suggested cameras and changing locks, which he hasn't done yet. He is destroying himself. We would like to know if anyone else has had similar problems. We would appreciate any suggestions or advice.