... that I tried Concerta and Ritalin, and those didn't work well. I found now that when I take the Vyvanse, I still have the symptoms of ADD where I am scattered and keep switching from one unfinished task to the next, but I just have a lot more energy in order to accomplish this so it's like that behaviour but hyped up. I also find that it keeps me awake for too long, which used to be okay but now I've started a job which conflicts with this, and the short-lasting Ritalin I've already tried and didn't find helpful. I've heard before that Adderall is stronger in terms of helping focus, so I'm wondering about it and want to ask my doctor. But I'm feeling hesitant because of all the sketchiness surrounding Adderall, so I'm nervous to even ask in case me being nervous comes off as me seeking it for the wrong reasons. Any suggestions for what to say? Is it likely to get a chance to try it out? Should I ask for it specifically? And, has anyone else switched from Vyvanse to Adderall, and did it go well?