I take Vyvanse 20mg 1 time a day hydrocodone 10 mg 3 times a day and Xanax 1mg 2 times a day. I am supposed to start taking Adderall 20mg 2 times a day, in place of the Vyvanse tomorrow, and also start Lexapro along with the other meds, i listed, I went ahead and took the first Lexapro 20mg today because my depression is bad right now. Well I am completely discouraged and do not want to take anymore. I took the Lexapro and roughly 2hrs later I was sick as a dog. My ears and the back of my head starting tingling and felt hot (for lack of better words), i got clammy, and started throwing up. Upon finally getting home, i got the chills and laid down only to find out, no rest for me. I am out of sorts now, I don't want to take anymore.. Is this a normal reaction? I never take Vyvanse and Xanax at the same time, i always take my pain medication and my Vyvanse in the morning, then the Xanax after Lunch. I am scared now, to take a Lexapro, hydrocodone, and Adderall tomorrow. I think I will be sick as I was today. Anyone else have any of these problems on their very first day of taking Lexapro?