My son is 6 years old will be 7 in april. he has been on adderall, and concerta and intuniv. i took him to the doc over spring break and she has now put him on vyvance and guanfacine. vyvance to focus and the other to calm him down. i am worried this is too much. i thought the vyvance worked for both? add and adhd? He has been on it almost a week. he acts so different and is very sensitive and gets frustrated very easily. i hate to see him that way. he has such a personality. will the moods get better the longet he is on the med? i am hoping it is just a side effect that will taper off. Also i see some people do not give it to them on the weekends? will this mess him up when he goes to take it again on monday. or will he have enough in him that the side effects wont be as bad for missing 2 days. I welcome all advice. i feel so helpless and i want what is best for him. Thank You