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Why is Vytorin so expensive?

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kaismama 5 Jun 2012

Actually its cheaper then alot of other meds. Its a combination drug, and that usually increases the price of any med. Plus part of it is Zetia, and that has no generic out yet, so there is no competition. Drug companies will charge what they think they get for it, not what its worth. Because of this I'm not telling you what I usually do, take the two meds in 2 pills, alot of times that makes it alot cheaper, however the Zetia alone costs almost as much as the combination med.

Inactive 5 Jun 2012

Hello bettycrader. The research, testing and manufacturing of any given drug, along with the marketing of the drug will more often than not set or determine the price. Regards pledge.

bettycrader 5 Jun 2012

Hello Pledge... Duh, I really appreciate the very informative email concerning my bona fide concern regarding the very expensive Vytorin. I now fully understand why it is so costly... thank you so much.

Inactive 6 Jun 2012

You are welcome. Best wishes. free discount card

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