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Vraylar - What dosage are these reviewers taking? Still struggling with the voices?

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Joe-JustJoe 26 Feb 2017

Let me stop you right there. What you want to do is talk to your doctor and trust him or her. Your doc is there to help you, I promise. If your meds are not working the only person who can help you is a professional who knows what they're talking about. And that means your doctor. He/she knows your history, how to treat you, and what you need. Sometimes meds don't work for everyone. That's okay. There are other options. Don't worry too much, okay? I know this is hard but it takes time and once you get everything figured out it will be well worth it. You can be happy and not have to hear voices or suffer with this at all. Sounds pretty good, huh? So what you want to do is communicate with your doc. Report all your symptoms. Don't worry, you're not a nuisance or anything. That's what you're supposed to do.

So please talk to your doctor if you're worried. And it might not be easy but you're really going to need to do your best to work together and figure all this out. You shouldn't have to live with hearing voices that aren't there, right? That's not good, is it? So if you can get some help isn't it best to get it and do it right? The way to do it right is to talk to your doctor and figure it out in the safest way you can. It's going to be okay. It really will. But you have to do some more work to make it okay. That phone call is the first step. free discount card

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