My father had his right Kidney removed in July of 2016. He also has COPD. The Dr. advised he took all the cancer out and he did not need chemo or radiation. He had bloods done in October of 2016 and January of 2017 all of which came back normal.
This past March I returned home from vacation to find my father very short of breath and pale looking. He went to his primary care Dr for blood work and the very next day the Dr called me and advised to take him to the emergency room as his calcium level was through the roof and his hemoglobin was extremely low. A CT scan showed that the Kidney cancer spread to all over the lungs with a 7.5 CM tumor on right lung. The oncology team within the hospital advised me and my sister to make “arrangements”.
When I called my father’s surgeon, urologist who took out the kidney to advise him of what was going on he was shocked and advised me that cancer like that does not reoccur for at least 5 years. I asked him why did he not give him a round of chemo or radiation after the surgery and his response was it was not protocol. I am fuming at this point. So you mean to tell me from January 2017 to March 2017 my father developed stage 4 cancer, so aggressive that a tumor the size of a lime is on his lung amongst others? The answer I received was “yes”
3 days later an oncologist who works with the surgeon shows up at my fathers bed side, mind you my father is on oxygen and this point, developed a fever and is so week he can’t even move and says I want to try you this pill called Viotrient. Explains that the side of effects are nausea, diarrhea and gray hair and we say yes we will try it. We move him with oxygen to rehab on April 12, 2017.
My father has been on this drug for about 5 days now and has seriously declined for the worse, his breathing is 10 times worse, he can’t even speak a sentence without gasping for air, he is in a diaper, can’t eat and all he does is sleep. His legs, feet and abdomen have swelled to the point we might have to re admit him to hospital to check for blood clots. My father is 67 years old!
I am not sure what to be feeling at this point. Do you have to go backwards to go forward with a chemo pill? Is quality or quantity of life.

I need others reviews of this drug and side effects. With the limited amount of time I have left with him I do not want him to be in pain and feel all this suffering.