On Sunday last week, I took my pill at around 11:30am, admittedly two hours later than I usually do. I vomited later that evening at 5:30. I thought this was ok, because it was 6 hours after taking the pill.

However, the following Sunday after a night of drinking, I took my pill at 9am and vomited at around 1pm. Although, I had unprotected sex the night before that, so does vomiting the next day effect my chance of not being pregnant?

Basically all I want to know is, does vomiting 6 hours after taking my pill the previous sunday effect my protection having sex on the saturday (nearly a week apart) and does vomiting the day after having sex effect my protection also?

Thank you, I really appreciate any responses, I always use a condom, but being under the influence resulted in me throwing caution to the wind ): I know to be much smarter next time.