I had a perforated ulcer about 20 years ago due to the fact that I was taken regular doses of aspirin over a term of several years to relieve the pain of then undiagnosed Cervical dystonia. At least that is what the doctors told me. I did not have h. pylori or other factors that would have caused a perforated and severely bleeding ulcer which required surge to patch it up. Now a pain management doctor has prescribed Voltaren for a very painful, arthritic or just plain worn out knee (probably--it will be x-rayed next week). I do not believe he read my medical records and is aware of the ulcer. I have stayed strictly away for NSAIDS ever since on previous doctors' orders.. I read the patient info and warnings that came with the Voltaren and am wondering whether this is any safer for me to use than aspirin.
Has anyone used this after having a perforated ukcer and repair surger?