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I need a good, inexpensive vitamin that will help me keep up with my special need daughter?

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Mande 23 Oct 2009

Vitamin B-1 is an inexpensive vitamin that can help produce energy. I take it and it helps, slightly, along with the caffeine. Good Luck!

harriet1 25 Oct 2009

Congratulations to you for being a good Mom, and thinking of ways of being an even better Mom! Energy can be improved with better nutrition, for sure, but not always in the form of a pill. Take a really good multi-vitamin, with iron, for women. Not all are make equally, invest a little more in a good one.

Even better is to improve your overall diet and get some great exercise. This will improve your energy level even more than a vitamin will. With the right, proper nutrition from your diet, and increased exercise, your energy level will soar. Adults need a minimum of 30 minutes of aerobic exercise with another 15 minutes of weight bearing exercise each day. Diet is greatly important. Lower your salt, fats and sweets, and add bunches of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and get proteins from a variety of sources such as soy, beans and peanut butter. Limit red meat.

No time for structured exercise? Play! You have that precious child, and she will love to dance, play and go for walks. Swimming, pushing her stroller or in the swing, all will count as exercise and will be great for both of you!

Drink plenty of water (limit caffeine) and sleep well at night. Drink fruit juices instead of carbonated drinks. All these things will go a long way toward giving you the energy you need to love that sweet girl! free discount card

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