... about 3 months back just on a random day I started having muscle pain and severe fatigue. I used to feel sleepy all the time. I almost slept for 15-16 hours in a day and then also would get up as I have not slept. I started having tingling in legs and severe leg pain. I can't even explain how severe all these things were.I went to my GP and he told do some blood test with vitamin d3 and B12. When the results came my vitamin d level was 10 and B12 was 250. I started taking injections for D3 as prescribed by my gp and tablets for B12 and magnesium, calcium etc. It took me 45 days to get out of this. But then also I still feel weak. My legs still pain. I am just sick and tired of everything. I am just confused that is this all related to vitamin D deficiency.
My symptoms were as follows:
Muscle pain.
Heavy eye lids.
Sleepy all the time.
Very weak.
Severe leg pain.
Tingling in legs.
Loss of appetite for some days.
And started experiencing dry skin after the start of medication.
Out of all this the main was weakness and dizzy and all time sleepy. Please if u can share some knowledge about the symptoms. I am really worried. Is it possible for the symptoms to occur suddenly.
About me - I am very much overweight, I smoke and drink a lot and always follow a non veg diet. I relly more on coke and pepsi than water. Please I would be really greatful to u all if u can just take out some time for me and answer.
Thank you