Hi. I was wondering what are the chances of having high blood calcium due to excess vitamin D intake. I've had symptoms which make me think I might have high calcium levels. My thyroid gland is ok as it was tested just a week ago. A year ago my vitamin D was at 124(can't remember units exactly). The doctor said its fine. But I continued to take 20,000 iu of vitamin d every 2 weeks and occasionally after 1 week to maintain my levels because I don't get much sunlight. Is that much vitamin d enough to cause high calcium levels? I am hoping to get my calcium levels checked but I don't have time at the moment. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. So again my question is, is the amount of Vit D I'm taking likely to cause high calcium bearing in mind that my thyroid gland is fine and working. Also would reducing Vit d lead to reduced calcium levels if I do in fact have high calcium levels. Thank you.