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Vitamin A & D - I cannot find anywhere that sells it. Where can I buy it?

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Marvell 16 Apr 2012

Have you tried at a local pharmacy? They should have something of the sort.

Inactive 16 Apr 2012

Look in the baby section at the local drug store or if you are in the States, the dollar stores sell it too. there are the real brand & generic brands the stores use. It's available, maybe you are looking in the wrong spot. It's a great ointment. I have seen it in the section with the butt creams for babies alot of times. If you don't find it ask the pharmatist , he'll know where it is... Mary

Irisrainbow 16 Apr 2012

I have tried all the drug stores in town noone has seen this cream for years. I looked in the baby section in Walmart and the Pharmacist suggested ordering it for me, but when he looked in the Computer he found that it was not listed. Does anyone have a Brand name.

Inactive 16 Apr 2012

Vitamin A & D Ointment is the brand name, & I'm not sure who made it either Bristol Myers Or Johnson & Johnson. I have some in my cabinet, but it is a generic I bought at Dollar General & it's a cream not the ointment, but it does the same job without being so greasy like the ointment is... Mary
Here's the site facts about it!

endlessPred 16 Apr 2012

Hi. Am confused by your response, Iris. You are looking for a cream of some sort? These are vitamins and are taken in pill form. However, there are products on the market that put it in hand creams and cosmetics. Is this what you are looking for?

Or are you thinking of a completely different thing? What use is this for?

Inactive 16 Apr 2012

Karen, it's an oinment for your skin! Been around for years & years. It's called Vitamin A & D Ointment. I used it on my babies butts for diaper rash. I have seen it at CVS lately. Can't believe it's gone! will be checking next trip to the store for sure. Need to stock up! That's really good stuff!

endlessPred 16 Apr 2012

Thanks, Mary : Been a long time since my baby was a baby. K

framework78 18 Apr 2013

To all asking visit a local tatoo shop they will have a and d ointment most will be happy to sell some it is a diaper rash cream but they use it for the healing aid of tattoos as well free discount card

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