... from my doctors office this morning saying i had low vitamin d levels at 14 and they had called a script in for me. The script is drisdol 50,000 unit once a week for twelve weeks.
Ive looking through symptoms and am not finding much, but have found enough to contribute my extreme fatigue, body aches and bad back pain to it. Even my fingers and toes hurt extremely bad when cold ive considered arthritis but im only 25 and think that since my vitamin d is low that the vitamin d causing this is more likely. Also i have ADD. Im finishing up my third (and last) year in college. My ADD was difficult to manage but possible still without medication (im not big on medicine) up until this past year, now its nearly impossible. Ive been on adderall for about 5 months and that puts me to about where i was a year ago with managing it. My husband has to literally feed it to me before he goes to work in the morning or i wont wake up with our 3 year old after getting 12 hours of sleep, even then its extremely difficult to force myself out of bed just to go sit around somewhere else. I use to always play and run and jump with my little girl constantly and now days i just cant muster up the energy and when i randomly do its for a very short time. I dont want to do ANYTHING but lay in bed. Ive been gaining 5 to 10 pounds a month for the past 4 months as well.
How long should it take for these symptoms to ease up? Will i lose the recently gained weight? Im dying to lose the weight and be back to my normal self and have energy. But honestly at this point id be happy with being able to stop taking adderall and to at least stop gaining weight like crazy.. At this rate im one month away from being 200lbs for the first time in my life :'(