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VITAMIN D3 IP 60000IU is beneficial and harmless to intake when pregnancy is 18 weeks on?

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Inactive 18 Dec 2012

Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) has not been officially assigned to a pregnancy category. When used within the recommended daily allowance for pregnant women, cholecalciferol is considered to be safe. The recommended daily allowance of cholecalciferol in pregnant women is 400 to 600 intl units.

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Inactive 18 Dec 2012

To be on this dose, you must have a prescription because your doctor feels your vitamin D3 is too low. It is important to the growth of your baby to have your levels at normal. A simple blood test will prove or disprove this. Please contact your doctor..

Inactive 18 Dec 2012

6,000IU is very high. Although they feel that the RDA is too low at now 600IU, 6,000 is TEN times the RDA!! Absolutely check with your doctor before harming your fetus in any way!! Please don't rely on a board such as this for important information regarding your baby. You can call the obstetrician, and talk to the nurse, for no charge. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, which means that it stays in your fat, and is not excreted in urine. You can overdose on too much fat soluble vitamins. Please take care of the pregnancy!!

Inactive 18 Dec 2012

Hello Ellen,

I agree with you with regards that we all know that babies are very delicate, and I am answering a question, not telling her to take 6000IU, she probably is already on that dose, the range I provided was from this (which you are a member of) is 400UI-600UI, but again, there is not a single instance where I (masso4169) suggest she takes that dose.

You should not say "boards like this", you should say it like it is ""

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Inactive 18 Dec 2012

Understood, but there are other boards... I was just trying to emphasize what you said!!! It is so important that she not take it nor listen to anyone but her doctor. Thanks

Inactive 18 Dec 2012

I agree with you Ellen, with all due respect. free discount card

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