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Vitamin D Deficiency - What can I change in my diet to get more Vitamin D?

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fall queen 29 Aug 2010

Hi, My doctor recently dicovered that I am lactose intolerant, which means no more milk or dairy products, all which are very high in vitamin D. You can easily increase your dairy intake daily, as well as there are many food rich in vitamin D. I also bought some vitamin D, which came in little gel pills (easier on the stomache) Last but certainly not least don't forget one of your primary sources, the sun. Now I live in Florida, so I guess that is easy for me to say, but no matter it isn't real cold anywhere in the country right now, get your running shoes on and walk at least a mile in under 15 minutes. Not only are you getting natures' vitamin D that way, you are strengthening all your core muscle, it helps reduce heart disease as well. I hope I was helpful. Fall Queen

sounds good fall queen! my supervisor also has vitamin D difficiency. she is take supplements that she got otc. she went to the beach and got a lil too much sun. she got sun poison! i know that wont happen of a 15 minute walk tho. maybe i should go for a walk! lol keep up the good work! free discount card

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