Hi my B12 is "borderline" at 222. but I feel so ill - shaking inwardly, no concentration, head feels full of cottonwool, i am tired, irritable, i have pressure in my chest and i cant sleep although i feel exhausted my husband and children tip toe arround me and think i have had a personality transplant! and to top it all i am loosing my hair my Dr said it wasnt that bad! if i had thin to medium hair i would be bald by now luckily my hair was megga thick until this B12 thing started. hair is dissapearing from other areas too.but again my dr not bothered and told me that u dont see many hairy older people! cheers i allready depressed about my hair now i told i old too! My Dr tihinks i am an attention seeker... i can tell by the way she keeps telling me i am not that low and definately dont have PA and injections wont help as my levels are fine. where else can i go to get some help? i am 47 and have a disabled son and i cannot afford to feel so ill. Any advice would be most welcome ... Thanks Desperate mother of 3