I don't know what the hell is going on but this has been going on for about two weeks wit all started with an an ocular migraine with a aura I noticed a block in my vision and flickering colored light in my peripheral vision and it went away after 20 minutes and I drank water and was fine but the next day I woke up and I could tell there was a change in my vision as if it was dimmed or something and I felt like I was not real or in a dream like state for the first week and it gradually got better but now I'm starting to notice very faint pulsating ripples at the edges of my vision and shadows when I look away to fast and it is more noticeable looking at something like or in dim light and also I notice at night when I try to sleep I will wake up and see ripples and it takes me a minute for everything to get back into focus and it scares me to sleep and wake up also when my eyes are closed it seems as if my eyes are shaking or moving involuntarily but not too severe and