Usually,I have moderate to severe panic attacks sparingly(maybe 2-3 times every two weeks), but recently they have not became worse, but they are more frequent, maybe 1 to 4 every day.My doctor said this was due to increased and prolonged stress. My psychiatric doctor gave me Vistaril 25mg, to offset them. Take every six hours as needed for anxiety, with it being fine to take 2 at a 15 minute interval if I did not feel the effects. They were prescribed and at first they worked. They caused me to sleep for hours on end. The doctor said this was normal, and side effects would decrease after regular use. But, these past few days however the medicine does not seem to be working at all, it does not even make me tired. I think I should switch to something else. What could be some other anxiety/panic attack medications that I could discuss with my doctor? Thanks in advance for your help.