This sickness has gone and passed for me but I had it for two weeks. It started off as just a cold but later got worse. My coughing got so bad, it kept me up most of the night. I had a fever for almost a week straight. About 101.3-101.7 average. It broke one day but later that night, it came back and I had a fever for another almost full week. Then not long after I got sick, there was, what I think was a rash. we initially thought it was an allergic reaction. It was red, swollen spots, covered most of my body and my face was red too. It was moderately itchy and kept me up more than the cough did. I had to take a hot bath in the late night just to relieve the itching enough to try to sleep. Doctor thought I might've had strep throat, pnemonia since my dad also had it while I was sick, or a viral infection. That one seemed to fit best but it wasn't a definite answer. I remember it well because it was the first time I'd ever been that seriously sick. It probably didn't help that my job had me coming home soaked in the front of my clothes.