I know this is long but I'm new here and would really appreciate some feedback and advice. I have had quite an ordeal with mental illness in the past few years. It all started when I was around nineteen and had a panic attack at college. For years I had a history of OCD but it was never treated medically. My anxiety built up to the point where I just had a mental breakdown. I went to the hospital for fear of not knowing what to do and somehow landed in the psych ward although I was not exhibiting any signs of depression or the desire to hurt myself or anyone else.

I spent a week there and then they admitted me to their intensive out-patient program. Again... not what I needed at the time. No one ever helped me with my obsessive thoughts and I began to become depressed. No one ever listened to anything I had to say. Over time I began to become very angry with my whole situation and very depressed. They then diagnosed me with bipolar disorder which wasn't even what I came to the hospital for in the first place. I was placed on Seroquel XR and over time I became started to go into violent fits of rage so much so that I had to be put back into the hospital where things just got worse.

That was three years ago and I recently just got off the Seroquel since I switched doctors. I'm now on Saphris and I finally feel like I have my life back. I don't feel angry anymore or depressed. The only setback is dizziness and frequent headaches but overall, I feel great. My question is: do you think I really had/have bipolar disorder? Did it develop somehow? Or was I just on the wrong medication? Am I still on the wrong medication? Even though Saphris does make me feel better it is still classified as a bipolar medicine. Shouldn't I be on an OCD medicine? Thanks! :)