... the ER. I did and was told it was nonsense. They did not believe how much pain i was in and would not call my doctor to speak with him. The intense pain lasted 7 days and now on day 11, I have some pain in my larger joints and back. No one will help me with the pain because they do not believe me. I am allergic to NSAID's, aspirin and acetaminophen. In the hospital they gave me one Ativan, 25 mg of Benadryl and Reglan for the pain. That did nothing. Two hours later they gave me 25 mg of fentanyl which also did nothing. They were completely certain I was lying and had no clue how bad the side effects could be. They were ignorant and uncaring. Even my RA doctors office had never heard of a case as bad as mine. I’m so scared of this pain and so scared of the hospital, I have cancelled a necessary surgery and will not go back there ever. I now have a note in my medical file saying I tried to get narcotics at the er. This is insane and unnecessary and I’m still suffering with some side effects. No one will help me. This medication is insane. I asked my dr to report my side effects, but no one believes me aside from my family